Club Korfbal Castell Bisbal

Another victory of the National League CKC

Our club will be represented in this important sports goal with 4 players: Irene Figueroa, Albert Camprubí, Xavi Vidal and Òscar Hernández. All of them traveled last Thursday with the rest of the selected Catalans with the will to fight to be at least among the 4 best teams.

Holland and Belgium play as the great favorites to win the tournament, but lately they have become surprises and the equality is becoming increasingly evident between the increasingly evolved and competitive European teams. Portugal, Czech Republic and Belgium will be the rivals to beat in the initial group of Catalans, who will debut next Saturday 25 at 3:00 pm against the powerful Belgian team. The next confirmed matches will be Sunday 26 against Portugal at 8:00 p.m. and Tuesday 28 at 2:00 p.m. against Czech Republic.

On the last day of the league, the 2nd and 3rd division teams of CK Castellbisbal achieved important wins in the fight to be in the top positions of the classification.

The 2nd team won at Korfbal Montcada Sunday morning, in a classic match between two sets that traditionally end up fighting for the same leading positions. With work and effort, the Castellbisbalencs won an income of 7 points in favor of the break, but the always-fought Montcada did not go down and as usual, he managed to cut the difference to 3 points. But the final result of 18-21 could overcome this important test of fire in front of one of the most powerful rivals of 2nd.

For his part, the team “Z” of the 3rd division of CK Castellbisbal was much easier in the visit to the track of the KC Barcelona “C”. The great level difference is seen immediately and the locals could do little to the powerful and dynamic game visitor. The 5-27 final said it all in the scoreboard.

Great audience support at the “Intersection Tournament”

With respect to the other team of the 3rd division, composed of the “greatest” of the club, highlight his incredible and continuous progress in this his first year of korfbal for the vast majority of them. And it is that in their match against UKSA (9-19), they played a great 1st part, very equal and competitive, that only stirs them to continue working and training with more enthusiasm of Looking to improve in this great sport that is korfbal.

Finally, mention that the announced 1st Division match between the KCB and the CK Castellbisbal had to be suspended for reasons beyond the clubs, and still remains to determine the new date in which they will be played.

What is confirmed is the match that next Saturday, December 27 in the afternoon will play the 2nd division team against CK Badalona “B” at 6:30 p.m. in Castellbisbal, and that will be the last encounter this year 2014

In the matches played on Saturday at the Esportiva de Castellbisbal, both the 1st and 3rd division teams were overcome by their respective rivals Korfbal Vallparadís. But the sensations of this 1st day are very positive for the new game proposals that the different teams of the club want to carry out.

At the start of the national league match, the terraces, current league champions, were surprised by a very stinging Castellbisbal, which was immediately ahead of the scoreboard. But the visitors gradually talked about and managed to turn the result, making an income in their favor of 2 points in half.

Castellbisbal will host the 1st Intersection Tournament

At the start, visitors were the ones who opened a small slip on the scoreboard, which they knew to keep until the end of the game. To all this a clear decline was added by the locals, which made it difficult to go back. However, the final result of 18-23 is a clear demonstration of an intense and fast-paced match, with many baskets, and fulfilling the goal set by Castellbisbalencs for this new season of dynamic play, with many options and many baskets.

This was also understood by the 3rd division division team, who in the game played just before against Vallparadís “C”, played a great game that also ended up in favor of the terraces for 15-20. Despite a good part of the game under the scoreboard, the locals struggled to go back to the last minute, but only the good rival in the face of the basket prevented our good will.

Finally, the good news occurred in the match of Sunday of the 2nd division that faced the KCB “B” with the CKC “B”. With a final result of 17-21, Castellbisbalencs were able to go back to a match that was faithful to the new offensive proposal that they want to practice all the teams in the club. A great game that played both teams: exciting to the end, you have, vibrant and with many baskets.