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It lets you experience a completely new kind of gaming experience: Capture The Flag, Bombing Run and Double Domination as a 3D real-time strategy game with The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal .

It combines the gameplay and control of real-time strategy games with the action of 3D shooters. 

It supports for the first time image and voice transmission via headset and webcam. 


The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal

It is not only a multiplayer game, but also offers more than 60 singleplayer missions.


6 single player tournaments with more than 60 missions Multiplayer games in LAN and Internet with up to 8 players; Chat server, ladder, Worldranking Replay function with all mouse movements, screen views, voice and webcam data 3 different graphic worlds: grass, desert and volcano landscape Unlabeled AI for extremely good opponents and players Easy-to-use editor for creating your own game worlds. Beginner friendly user guidance and extensive tutorial

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