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Darkstar One offers a gripping story, fast-paced space action and playful freedom in a huge simulated universe with The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal .

The well-known science fiction author Claudia Kern devised and wrote, in close collaboration with Daniel Dumont and his team, a thrilling and varied adventure story around the space pilot Kayron Jarvis.

Elaborate story, narrated with more than 50 minutes of cutscenes.


The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal

Upgradeable spacecraft, the “Darkstar One”: The player decides on the character of his ship. Prefer the fast hunter with many offensive weapons, or an almost invincible cruiser with strong guns?

More than 200 different weapons, shields and technical equipment.

Rockets, torpedoes and mines have a special meaning: like drones, mines can tactically shoot at enemies or distract approaching rockets.

A Spell Weapon: With it, the player can, similar to role-playing spells, achieve special effects on opponent groups. This weapon becomes more and more varied as the game progresses, greatly expanding the tactical possibilities.

Huge simulated universe with the most diverse races, different spaceships and battle tactics.

Each breed has its own weapon types with different functions.
The player can also mount these weapons on his “Darkstar One”.

Special missions, for example in canyons, on planet surfaces or inside planets.

Spielerische Freiheit: Spieler kann seine Credits auf die unterschiedlichsten Arten verdienen, beispielsweise durch Kampf, Piraterie, Aufträge, Schmuggel, Handel, Geleitschutz, Transport, Belohnungen …

Spieler kann als “Good”- oder “Bad”-Guy antreten und sogar politische Streitigkeiten für sich ausnutzen.

Steuerbar mit Maus, Joystick oder Gamepad


Betriebssystem: Windows® XP (32 bit)

Minimale Systemvoraussetzungen: Intel/AMD 1.6 GHz; Windows XP; 512 MB RAM; DirectX-9-fähige Grafikkarte mit 128 MB, DX9 kompatibel, Pixel/Vertex shader 1.1 Unterstützung; DirectX-fähige Soundkarte; 4 GB Festplattenplatz; DVD-ROM Laufwerk; DirectX 9 (wird mitgeliefert)

Optimale Systemvoraussetzungen: Intel/AMD 3 GHz, 1024 MB RAM; Grafikkarte mit 256 MB

Note: Due to the variety of different systems, we can not guarantee that DARKSTAR ONE will work flawlessly on all notebooks and laptops.

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