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SACRED is a world of adventure and myth

The most successful game of the year goes into the next round! The “New Edition” is the re-release of the action role-playing game Sacred, now in the standard DVD box for a reasonable price with The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal .

All new customer feedback has been flowing into the new edition since the first release, which includes an improved multiplayer experience, interface optimization and a completely reworked balancing. In addition, this version has been extended to completely new features that make the adventure in Ancaria even more interesting.

auflage recht

The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal

All patches and updates released so far
2 new regions
2 big quest blocks
5 new enemies
1 new boss opponent
6 new armor sets
15 new weapon types

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium III 800 Mhz; 256 MB RAM; DirectX 8-capable 16 MB graphics card; DirectX-ready sound card; 4x CD-ROM drive; 2 GB of hard disk space; DirectX 9 (supplied on CD)
Optimal system requirements:
Pentium IV 1.4 Ghz; 512 MB RAM; DirectX 9-capable 64 MB graphics card; DirectX 9-capable 3D sound card; 2.5 GB hard disk space; DirectX 9
Note: Due to the variety of different systems, we can not guarantee that SACRED will work properly on all notebooks and laptops.

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