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After SACRED presents an Ascaron new masterpiece: Port Royale 2 with The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal .

“More comfortable, bigger, better”


It has never been more exciting to write history – as a successful dealer, respected builder or daring buccaneer.

The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal

Port Royale 2

Port Royale fans have never been challenged by such a realistic economic system.

Never before has a strategy game by Ascaron offered such captivating action – with dramatic fencing and nerve-racking battles on the high seas.

There has never been a better Port Royale.

“Highly complex and simple at the same time. Just as addictive as the predecessor. ”
PC Games

Huge game world with 4 nations and 60 cities
Build dwellings, businesses and special buildings to make cities flourish
Build your own cities
Take influence on the strength of nations, because all cities can be annexed
Introduction scenarios for all important game elements facilitate entry
Eight scenarios with special starting situations for quick gameplay
Free game for almost unlimited gaming pleasure through high game depth
16 different types of ships
Naval battles in state-of-the-art 3D graphics, in which you can control your ships yourself

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