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Ascaron and Take2 Interactive present the add-on for the most successful German PC game of the year 2004 with The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal .


With Sacred Underworld, a 40% bigger game world awaits you with numerous new challenging opponents.

The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal

Explore caves, sinister forests, ruins and pirate islands with two additional, completely different characters. Sacred Underworld takes every Sacred fan into an even more exciting, complex and varied adventure.

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The Sports Island Of Castell Bisbal


Two new characters – Dwarf and Demonin – with extraordinary qualities and abilities. The story continues with two new, extensive chapters. More than 30 outstanding, new enemy types. Special bosses with special and rare random items. New sets, new items, new weapons such. As the musket or the cannon.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium III 800 Mhz; 256 MB RAM; DirectX 8-capable 16 MB graphics card; DirectX-ready sound card; 4x CD-ROM drive; 2 GB of hard disk space; DirectX 9 (supplied on CD)
Optimal system requirements:
Pentium IV 1.4 Ghz; 512 MB RAM; DirectX 9-capable 64 MB graphics card; DirectX 9-capable 3D sound card; 2.5 GB hard disk space; DirectX 9
Note: Due to the variety of different systems, we can not guarantee that SACRED Underworld will work properly on all notebooks and laptops.

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